Beautiful , cute, handsome ….. We love to hear this words from time to time , it really feels good to hear such a thing . Being beautiful is a choice , is you who choose to look beautiful , well everyone is beautiful by nature but not everyone looks beautiful . First of all , you should embrace yourself , love yourself ,your natural looks ,your hair curly or straight , your skin dark or white even your height , those things you can’t control or choose it’s by nature and believe me that nature chose the best options that will fit you . In the other hand there are so many things that you can change , such as the shape of your body , you choose to be skinny or fat ,you choose to be healthy and shiny or not . But believe me it’s ok to look beautiful , it’s good for you first , for your emotional health . When you go out ,looking beautiful , you feel such a confident and such a power , you talk , you move and you show yourself , but when you go out and not accepting your look , you tend to disappear, and to go deep and introvert instead of being extrovert . You know what; be beautiful , have a clean skin , clean scalp , smell good , love yourself , smile more , laugh more , be healthy , do sport , move ,dance listen to good music ,have a good mood , and then you’ll see , you will be such a beautiful human being , and people also will see your beauty but never forget your inner beauty , your body needs to reflect your spirit and your soul , so keep it beautiful inside as outside Stay you . stay beautiful ❤️